Exhibitor's manual for hi Technology and Industry

Via the above menu, you can find important information relating to your participation at the fair. In addition, you can find practical information that will help you in your preparations to the fair. We strongly recommend that you read everything thoroughly.

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Dismantling and Line-Up-Area

  • All vehicles must use the line-up-area to access the expo halls.
  • Access the line-up-area through:
    • Messevejen to P-East/P-Øst: Hall C - D - E - F - G - H - L - M) and,
    • Kaj Zartowsvej to P-South/P-Syd: Hall J and K.
  • External personnel have access to the expo halls after 16:30 and only upon presentation of a valid work identity badge from the hi Expo.

Time schedule

16:30: Start dismantling at 16:30 at the earliest.

16.30: Sand Spedition delivers emty cargo to the expo halls from 16:30.

17:15: All vehicles at the line-up-area must be staffed no later than 17:15.

17:30: Access to the expo halls begins from the line-up-area.

20:30: Compressed air, water, drainage and power supply to the stands will be disconnected


See map for dismantling and line-up-areas

Read about and See Map of Entrance & Exit for Lorries and Vans

Monday: After unloading, exhibitor parking is possible at P-Øst/P-East.
It is free and no parking ticket is needed.

On expo-days: Exhibitor parking at P-Øst/P-East is free and no parking ticket is needed.

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